…RIP means “rest in peace” for a reason!

Wouldn’t you agree? I must confess that I probably never understood the whole meaning behind those words. To let someone rest in peace. Now I totally get it. It means what it says: Let someone rest in peace. Don’t talk bad about someone who died, don’t stir up things that haven’t been stirred when the person was still alive. Don’t spread rumours, and, in your case, I think one very important thing: Don’t make money on dead people.

When you were still alive, I never imagined that disrespectful people who try to make money with your name AND death, would make me angrier than the injustice of your death itself. Guess what? It does. It started with some weird t-shirts that were advertised on Facebook not even 48 hours after the announcement of your death. I really don’t want to describe what was printed on those shirts, you definitely wouldn’t approve. I mean, who the heck wears t-shirts with the dates of birth and death of your idol on it?? And even worse: THEY COULDN’T EVEN WRITE YOUR NAME CORRECTLY.

I admit: This is a huge trigger for me. I can’t ignore it, I can’t not comment on it. It makes me so angry that I am almost losing it every time I see it. A fan site being used to sell a tambourine you gave away in 1994 just added to it. And why is that? Because you were my goddess and no one, and I mean NOBODY ON THIS PLANET is allowed to use you like that! You wouldn’t imagine how many messages I got after your death. The good ones came from people I haven’t heard from in YEARS. Some people I met on the street, neighbors, and the first thing they said, was: “I was thinking of you when I heard the news.” This is the nice part. The not so nice part are messages from people who found my website and my contact and asked me about releases, circumstances of your illness and death, how to reach your family and “stuff” like that. And then people who try to make money by using your name. I am in no place yet to accept this behaviour. And I hope I will never be. Yes, those people will always be there, but do we have to support it? No, definitely not. Too bad that you are far too precious to me to get into this toxic shit. I will always state my opinion, I will always stand my ground when it comes to you, but I must avoid any distraction from you, because in the end it is all about the important three words: REST IN PEACE. So, I want you to rest in peace. I want you to peacefully REST. May your soul find freedom and peace, may your soul be always a part of US fans, of your family, your friends, everyone who loved, admired, supported, liked and cherished you. Everyone else is seriously one of your supporters and never has been, and that’s something I bluntly state. You are too precious to me to do anything else.

So, that’s what all of us can do now: Remember to let you rest in peace. And if we come across some stirred shit on the internet, we can try to make sure that it disappears, that people realize they are WRONG. It won’t prevent stuff like that from happening, but we can try. And if we don’t succeed, we should move on, remember your pretty smile, breathe deeply and remember to grant you your peace. You earned it, you deserve it.

And I can only appeal to everyone out there: Avoid anything that seems to be making money by misusing your name. Move on after you told them that this is not right. Stay decent, be kind. And let her rest in peace.