Dear Marie, dear readers…

as we’ve all learned with great shock and sadness, Marie Fredriksson passed away on December 9, 2019. Surely, if we are true and honest to ourselves, we all knew this day would eventually come. But I am also fairly sure that none of us expected it to happen that fast.

I was thinking yesterday what to do with this website. I can’t give it up, I won’t give it up. I loved and adored this woman to the moon and back. And I still have a 1000 thoughts in my head, things I would have loved to tell her.

So, I decided to turn this page into blog where I will write my letters to Marie and share some of my thoughts with the internet. Feel free to comment, feel free to leave, feel free to read. Whatever suits you!

I don’t want to let this page die, just because we all know there won’t be any great news anymore. It has to live on. For Marie, for us, the fans, for her family and for her great legacy.

All the best

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