New album and solo tour in 2013?

While Marie Fredriksson is still on tour with Roxette until September 2012, there are rumours out that we might get a new Swedish Marie album and a solo tour next year.

And this is not only a rumour spread by fans but it was Marie herself who gave that information to Roxette fans some days ago – at least she said something will happen in 2013. So far, this information is not confirmed and we don’t know anything more than that. But if only one of those two rumours is true (album and/or tour) we should feel more than happy!

3 Replies to “New album and solo tour in 2013?”

  1. Oh, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I’m ready even to go to Sweden to see her!!!!! Marie, rox on!!!! Tons of love from Ukraine!!!

  2. According to google news, its seems Marie will do an english solo album and might be featuring Celine Dion on a duet. If this is true or not….heaven knows

  3. I realy do not hope the rumor about celine dion is true .
    Dont like celine .
    Marie sings somuch better.
    And love to see Marie live aigain please in swedish i love our language.
    And a new album great can’t wait.

    Grattis på födelsedagen Marie

    Jag älskar dig .

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