5 Replies to “NOTP tour: Wish I could fly from Antwerp”

  1. Sensational!!!!!! this version Wish I could fly, you are the Queen and Per is a Prince of the Pop Music. When I listen this song three time, I felt flying in my Life`s Flight. Marie and Per, I really Apreciated your music and the most important your High Quality of Human you both are!!!!!. Love you Always!!!. Alberto Gerardo Flores, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are in Roxettemania Time!!!!!!

  2. Epi Handayani
    Friday,9 March 2012 02.30
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    My Phone Number : 0817422531

    I really love Roxette very much, l really love their song.

    Marie oh how I adore u because u have big spirit to against ur brain cancer. And of course l adore Per because he always support his partner Marie. I adore with their long lasting friendship.

    l am Roxettemania

    Epi Handayani

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