Per Gessle speaks about Marie and Roxette

In an interview with Radio Halland Per Gessle spoke about his future plans with Roxette and Marie Fredriksson. There will be a new Roxette album in 2010 – and most probably there will be more Roxette performances next year. If it’s a tour or just a show here and there or a live performance on a festival – nothing has been announced so far. Read what Per says about Marie Fredriksson and Roxette:marie-ffm1

Per says, that..

.. the recordings of “One Wish” and “Reveal” in 2006 didn’t feel right or THAT good and that it feels different now with the recordings of the new songs for the new album and that it feels much different and better now and that Marie changed a lot.

.. he didn’t expect such a huge response on the Night of the Proms and was overwhelmed, especially with the support in Germany.

.. Marie is more involved in the recordings now, she is more interested in Roxette and the new album than she was in 2001 with Room Service and that she is not just there to sing but is interested in working on it and brings her own ideas.

.. there was a time when he didn’t think that they will ever work together again because Marie felt so bad.

.. half of the songs are written for him, half for Marie. Marie hasn’t written anything for the album.  He would like Marie to sing it all, but he thinks that’s not possible so he has to fill in here and there.

.. he sees Roxette performing again, because “that’s what we want”.

.. the US are out of reach, because they are too old and vintage. But a cover of a Rox song may climb the charts, because the songs still have power, but he is not sure that Per & Marie have it anymore…

.. they are in the studio until midsummer. Then there may be rehearsals if they decide to do concerts.

.. next year there will be nothing but Roxette.

Listen to the interview on Radio Halland.

With that I wish you all a splendid new year! We see us in 2010.

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