On Tour!

At the moment, Marie Fredriksson is on tour with Roxette. Until December 20th, Roxette do 42 shows in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany for the “Night of the Proms”. Check our partner site RoxetteBlog for more information!

Marie Fredriksson live (1985 and 1992)

Our partner site Roxetteblog posted links to audio recordings from two Marie Fredriksson tours. The first one is from the “Den Sjunde Vågen” tour and features 12 songs:

1. Jag Går Min Väg
2. Ännu Doftar Kärlek
3. Het Vind
4. Så Nära Nu
5. Natt Efter Natt
6. Den Sjunde Vågen
7. Mot Okända Hav
8. För Dom Som Älskar
9. Värdighet
10. En Känsla Av Regn
11. När Du Såg På Mej
12. Den Sjunde Vågen

You can download the recording either here or here.

Furthermore, recordings from Marie’s “Den Ständiga Resan” tour in 1992 popped up again. There is an audio recording from her show in Luleå (December 16th or 17th), which you can download here. And there is a recording from one of her two shows in Stockholm, which you can download here: Part 1, Part 2. These recordings brings all songs, Marie performed in that night. Have fun listening.

The recording from Luleå is also available on mariefredriksson.eu. Thanks for collecting the links!
Source: roxetteblog.com

Roxette is back in – Jurmala

Roxette performed at the “New Wave Festival” in Jurmala, Latvia, last night. They sang four songs – Joyride, The Look, It must have been love and Listen to your heart. Obviously The Look and Joyride got a remaster and sounded different to the album versions. Listen to your heart and It must have been love sounded like ever, though. You can watch Listen to your heart (poor quality!).

Bolyos family performs in Djursholm

smallMarie Fredriksson surprised when she, husband Mikael Bolyos and son Oscar did a performance at Monrad’s, a delicacy shop in Djursholm. Among other artists, the Bolyos’ family joined the spring festivity on friday and performed several songs. You can see a short video of Oscar’s performance at hotgossip.se.

Marie joins Per on stage in Stockholm

Four days after she surprisingly appeared on stage at Per Gessle’s concert in Amsterdam Marie Fredriksson also did a guest appearance at the last show of the Party Crasher-tour in Stockholm. After the first part of the set and the first two songs of the first encore Per Gessle welcomed his “good friend” Marie Fredriksson on stage. People started shouting and screaming before Marie and Per started to sing “It must have been love”. Marie found the right words for everyone as she praised the “fantastic audience” and was smiling all over. Her voice sounds better than ever and we can gladly look forward to Roxette’s participation the upcoming Night of the Proms.
They also performed “The Look” of which you can see a short part of on Expressen’s account on YouTube. With this pictures, sounds and looks and more than great feelings we thank Marie, Per and their families for everything.

Marie joins Per on stage in Amsterdam

As previously known, Marie Fredriksson joined Per Gessle on stage in Amsterdam last night. They performed It Must Have Been Love and The Look. The crowd was endlessly shouting and singing and Marie and Per apparently had a lot of fun. Furthermore, both will be recording new Roxette songs in the fall, but it’s uncertain if there’s going to be a whole new album. And there’s still no word about Marie Fredriksson showing up on stage in Stockholm at the weekend. On Roxetteblog.com you find all the information you need, starting with new articles, videos and fotos from yesterday’s gig.