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  1. HOLA Sra. Fredriksson es realmente un honor poder saludarla desde la ciudad de Rosario, Argentina, Sudamerica. Espero que pueda recibir este mensaje y sobre todo que pueda traducirlo a su idioma -sueco o ingles-. Lamento no poder hacerlo en ingles (hubiese querido hacerlo). No se si este mensaje algun día, en algún momento lo podra leer, mas si es asi, entonces ya estoy satisfecho. Digo un honor porque a pesar de todo pudo salir adelante, y eso Sra., eso SI es tener ganas de VIVIR. Mi mas absoluto respeto y admiración haci Ud. y su familia. Good Bless You !!!

  2. Congratulations Ms Fredriksson.

    Here in Brazil your love songs always play in Fms Broadcast Station Radios , particularity here in São Paulo.
    Listen to your heart is one emotional song, particularity I love so much.
    Readind your biografy I see your apreciation to Beatles and Deep Purple. I like this to do!
    Again congratulations to Ms and your family.
    Carlos Eduardo – São Paulo – Brasil

  3. dear marie,

    three years ago – when i worked togehter with a french musician – i received an idea of a song complete with words and harmony and all at once i knew exactly how it must be sung.

    all the time i thought about you, your voice and the way you´d perform this song.
    although i tried to sing it, the voice in my head sounded different from my voice.

    i would like to send you a not professional recording of this song and it would be an honour for me to hear this song sung by you – maybe you like it?

    please tell me, on which address i am supposed to send the tape.

    thank you and wish you from the heart the best there is and love and happyness and joy and harmony.



  4. Dear Helga,

    this isn’t Marie’s official website. If you want to send your tape to her the best choice would be to send it to EMI Stockholm in Sweden. I assume it will get to her in the end. 🙂

    Good luck,

  5. Just wonderful, without knowing it and mark my life.
    total admiration from Costa Rica.
    I dream of hearing her sing live

  6. Hello Please look at my facebook chris looney and watch the video clip of my children singing “how do you do”, 18 years ago, they will find this funny.
    My cell 082 825 0870 South Africa
    thank you

  7. Happy birthday Marie! I wish you health and happiness. I was i your concert in Athens 3 days ago and still cannot focus on my work…i’m a huge fan since i was 5 years old in ’88 and i could never imagine i would have the chance to see you live on stage. You recall so many memories, right at the center of my heart.

  8. Hello,Marie
    My name is Ilya. I live in Russia, and very much I love your songs.
    Sincerely I congratulate you and your family
    Happy birthday, Мари! I wish you health and happiness

  9. Marie, you are fantastic. Like so many men I love you. You have made my life happier. Thank you. I wish I could give you a hug. William.

  10. Hi I would like to know when r u visiting south africa again I realy need to get to ur consert I miss u everytime and eversins I can remember I listern to ur songs and dvds and to me its the best please let me know when u do please thank u schaan

  11. So far no concerts are planned in South Africa. BUT the next tour starts in October in Russia and they head to Australia in February… so everything is possible!

  12. Hi Marie,
    Really glad you are up and running again after your long battle.
    22 years ago I faced a similar battle and your songs carried me through it. I still believe to this day that in those dark times you have to draw strength from where you can to keep going.
    I hope you also have a source of strength as good as the gift both you and Per gave me when I needed it.
    I wish you continued success and the very best of health, enjoy every day as it comes an remember that you have a lot of friends out there that are glad to see you back to your best.

  13. Hi You very warmly.

    Madam Marie Fredriksson .

    Happy birthday, I would like to wish You, first of all, a lot of health, stamina on stage, and in my personal life, as well as the fulfilment of all the most beautiful dreams and plans.

    And if it comes to the second issue of my message to You, in addition to the birthday wishes, I have to You question, and at the same time one request.

    I live in Poland and I am a pole.

    I have purchased the ticket for the concert of Roxette, in Warsaw, Poland, on 22 June 2015, per hour 18: 00.

    My ticket you have purchased is a zone for fans: Golden Circle Early Entrance.

    Unfortunately, this is not a VIP ticket, as such there is unfortunately in sales that it authorize, for meetings after the concert, or before the show with the artist. (Service meet & greet).

    My question is as follows:

    Whether it is possible to meet up with you, for one minute, to souvenir photos?.

    I have great respect, Ms, so I’m very concerned about this.

    I will be grateful for your reply.


    Rafal Jakubowski.

    Hej du mycket varmt.

    Fru Marie.

    Grattis på födelsedagen, jag skulle vilja önska er, först av allt, hälsa, uthållighet på scenen, och i mitt personliga liv, samt uppfyllandet av alla vackra drömmar och planer.

    Och om det kommer till det andra numret av mitt budskap till er, förutom födelsedag önskemål, jag måste du fråga, och på samma tid en begäran.

    Jag bor i Polen och jag är polack.

    Jag har köpt biljett till konserten i Roxette, i Warszawa, Polen, den 22 juni 2015, per timme 18:00.

    Min biljett du har köpt är en zon för fans: Gyllene cirkeln tidig sort hänrycker.

    Tyvärr är detta inte en VIP-biljett, som sådana finns det tyvärr i försäljning som det tillåter, för möten efter konserten, eller innan showen med konstnären. (Tjänsten uppfyller & hälsar).

    Min fråga är följande:

    Om det är möjligt att möta upp med dig, en minut, till bilder souvenir?.

    Jag har stor respekt, Ms, så jag är mycket bekymrad över detta.

    Jag kommer att vara tacksam för ditt svar.

    Vänliga hälsningar.

    Rafal Jakubowski.

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