About Marie

Name: Gun-Marie FredrikssonAM1

Date of birth: May 30, 1958

Starsign: Gemini

Height: 167 cm

Born in: Össjo, grown up in: Östra-Ljungy.

Family: Her father Gösta died in 1981, her mother Inez died in 1998, sister Anna-Lisa died in 1966. Brother Sven Arne, sisters Tina and Ulla-Britt.

Married with: Mikael Bolyos since May 21st, 1994.

Children: Inez Josefin (born on April 29, 1993), Oscar Mikael (born on November 26, 1996).

Short biography: Marie moved to Halmstad in the end of the 1970’s, after she has been introduced to Stefan Dernbrandt, her later boyfriend. In the fall of 1978, the group Strulpojkarna was formed. The members were Martin Sternhufvud on electric guitar and vocals, Stefan Dernbrandt on drums, Lennart “Lelle” Nilsson on bass. Marie joined Stefan’s band and that was where she met Per Gessle for the first time. Per and Mats “MP” Persson were joining one of Strul’s rehearsals. am3

In 1981 Marie was asked to sing with Gyllene Tider, Per Gessle’s band. They recorded the song Ingenting av vad du behöver. This was actually the first time Marie and Per were recording a song together.

In 1982 Marie’s new band MaMas Barn – newly formed with the members Marie Fredriksson and Martin Sternhufvud – recorded a complete album in Stockholm. In November 1982 their album was released. It sold about 1,000 copies.

In the spring of 1985 Marie did her first solo tour. Her album “Den sjunde vågen” became a big success. So she started her second tour in 1986 which even had to be extended due to its enormous success.

In 1987 she recorded her new album “Efter stormen”. The album sold about 50,000 copies in about two weeks after its release. This meant also that she hadAM2 reached a number one position for the first time. She decided to tour again – her third tour.

In 1989 she released the single “Sparvöga” which was written as the main theme for a Swedish TV series. No album followed, but her international breakthrough with Roxette and the album “Look Sharp” and the first number one single in the USA: “The Look”.

In 1991 the album “Joyride” was released and became a huge success nearly everywhere. The album was followed by a tour and a personal crisis of Marie. But towards the end of the “Join the Joyride”-tour she met the Swedish musician Mikael Bolyos, who was on a trip around Australia and visiting some members of the band during Roxette’s time in Sydney. They soon were engaged and within a year Marie became pregnant.

Inez Josefin Bolyos was born on April 29, 1993. She was named after Marie’s mother – Inez, but is called Josefin. About one year later Marie and Mikael were married in Östra Ljungby – May 21, 1994. Only 40 guests had been invited to this small wedding which was declared as “family celebration”. Not even her musical partner Per Gessle and his wife Åsa had been there.

In 1996 Marie released her fifth solo album “I en tid som vår”. On November 26th she gave birth to her second child Oscar Mikael. am4

In 2000 Marie released a “Best of”-Album called “Äntligen – Marie Fredrikssons Bästa 1984-2000” featuring two new songs “Äntligen” and a duet with Patrik Isaksson “Det som var nu”. Her album became the best-selling album in 2000 in Sweden, the tour she finally decided to do was a big chance for fans from all over the world to see Marie live again.

Two years after having been diagnosed with a brain tumour she released her first album in English in 2004 – “The Change”. Half of the songs are written by her husband Mikael and both of them used the work with the new album to cope with Marie’s illness.

Only two years later Marie released another album “Min bäste vän”, a cover album featuring the single “Sommaräng”, a song originally sung by John Holm.

And even Roxette is back. In autumn 2006 the new single “One Wish” and the new compilation “Roxette – The Hits” has been released, followed by a small promotion tour through Sweden, Germany and the UK and some TV appearances.

In 2008 Marie joined her first tour in Sweden – the Stjärnklart gala. She toured several cities and decided to go on with Roxette afterwards. She joined Per Gessle on stage  in Amsterdam and Stockholm during his Party Crasher-tour and Roxette will be back on stage in autumn, doing the “Night of the Proms”, a tour in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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  1. I am a true roxette fan…and I am visiting sweden in first week of August…it will be my dream come true if I can meet marie for few minutes….Please…..


  2. I just wanted to leave a message for Marie. Saw you and Per perform the other night. You have the most spectacular vocal I have ever heard on EP or even live. I have been a fan of Roxette for 23 years, which is my whole life… I have always wanted to see you perform live, but I was only 6 when you guys visited with crash boomerang tour back in 1995. It was so worth the wait you as well as Per didn’t disappointment. You are such an inspiration and I wish you all the best for the future.

    Take care and hope to see you back on tour in Australia with Per real zoon 😀

  3. I wanted to say I have been a Roxette fan since 1990. I have always felt Roxette has been a constant in my life even when things have gone crappy. now I am married to a lovely woman who is also an avid Roxette fan. life couldnt be better! 🙂 my music career was directly influenced by Roxette, and now I enjoy simply listening to Roxette whilst working in social services. I am so glad another album is coming out and sincerely hope everyone in Roxette carries on for many years to come as we now have three little Roxette fans to carry on the legacy. all the best, God bless, Jamie

  4. Greetings from Guyana.I have always been a roxette fan over 20 odd years now.The song ‘Must have been love’is the song I first heard and up to today has remained one of my really,really favourite song.Marie you are awesome.I have just listened Listen to your heart 20 times in succession-honestly.May God continue to give you health and strength to continue.Have you ever thought of giving your life to Christ Jesus?I did.And so can you too and family.With regards.Sheikh.


  6. Love you Marie. God Bless you and your music. “Listen to your Heart” is one of my all-time favorites.

  7. Hello Marie, a happy birthday to you. Please keep on making music, you’re one of the best singers on earth. I’ll never forget your concert in Nuremberg, it was the best I’ve ever visited. God bless you and all your family and friends.

  8. Hi roxette,my name is jasmine…I love your. Music so much…what a lovely voice u have..so beautiful…the first I song I heard u sing was. ….must have been love…my sister love ur music…that’s how I heard ur songs and I am crazy about ….listen too your heart…I have listen too that song over a million times and I listen too it everyday….I love your voice and I love u too….may god contine too bless u and keep u safe….!!!! Love jasmine

  9. hej marie tacka för den underbara trune du gjoder i hläsingborg här får du en bamsekram från helen jacobsson från ljungbhyed bor i klippan

  10. Dear Marie,thank you very much! We were glad to see you and Per Gessle in our сity of Vladivostok!! that evening in October 2014, you brought a lot of joy to me and thousands more residents of our region!! When I was 18..19..20.. years old I wanted to go to your consert and see you, but you were so far… and now my dream has come true!! 🙂 thank you again, I wish you health and I wish you all the best!! P.S.excuse me, I do not speak English very well ))))

  11. Hi, it may seem crazy, but I am a Marie and Roxette fan since 1988. I am South African, and went up to Sweden in 1991 just to watch Roxette at the Globe Arena in Stockholm. In fact I am passionate about soccer, and took the opportunity to try out for a few soocer clubs in Sweden at that time as well, only because I was, and am a Roxette fan. I even wrote 22 songs and 101 movie scripts, inspired by Roxette.

  12. Hi, it’s Balan again. MARIE and Roxette are stunning, and a real inspiration. I wish you guys every success in the future, and never stop the music. Keep rocking.

  13. I was a Roxette Fan From ” Look Sharp ” to ” Crash!, Boom!,Bang!”. I always had a crush on Marie,”Shhh…don’t tell my wife!” I didn’t listen to them much for a while and was devastated to hear about Marie’s fight with cancer. I know it was a while ago, but I will pray for her and her family. I also have a few Roxette records to buy as I see they are still rockin’. We still love you in the U.S. Marie – and thanks for all the beautiful music. I’ll fade to silver blue for you!

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